One of the things that people look for steroids is its ability to beef you up in a short period of time, plus the strength and stamina it can provide. Anadrol is a steroid that can certainly offer you massive muscle gains, power, strength and stamina. However, only a few bodybuilders use this steroid for the reason that it’s too powerful. 

Short Overview for Anadrol

Oxymetholone, commonly known to men as Anadrol, is a popular steroid among bodybuilders because of its amazing results in a short period of time. This steroid has a lot of similarities with Dianabol especially with the way it is used and how it is taken or administered to the body. It was initially created to treat Anemia (the shortage of red blood cells) including Myelofibrosis, Aplastic Anemia, and even the anemia caused by Chemotherapy commonly known as Hypoplastic. Plus other muscle-depletion diseases.  One of the effects of this synthetic hormone is to increase your red blood cells, which well get in touch later.

In addition to that, even though it is commonly known as an Oral Steroid an Injectable variation of this steroid is also available. This particular steroid is excellent for gaining muscle mass because it does an outstanding job with protein synthesis. Which is why it is commonly used for the bulking phase. Bodybuilders who usually use Anadrol can already observe significant changes in their physique upon the first few weeks of using this steroid. It also has a detection time of 8 weeks. This detection time refers to the time frame the steroid will show up in a drug test. 

What is Anadrol Used For?

When it comes to bulking up, steroids such as this leads the game. However because it is a potent steroid, it should be used moderately. Here are some of the things you’ll get with the use of Anadrol:

Massive Muscle Gains

Because Anadrol enhances the process in your body called Protein Synthesis. You will be expecting massive muscle gains after regularly taking Anadrol for a few weeks. You may be wondering why you don’t see this steroid on the recommended steroids for bulking. This is because Anadrol is a powerful steroid and it should only be taken by someone who has experience with steroid and knows how much steroids his/her body can take. 

But aside from that, The gains you’ll get from taking this steroid is crazy. You’ll have around 20-30 pounds of quality lean mass when you’re taking it on your cycle.

Boosts Your Strength

Just like Dianabol, Anadrol can bring your strength to a different level. But even with the boost in your strength, this steroid is still not recommended for athletes as it’s detection time can last up to 8 weeks and if you want to keep on playing your game, do not use this steroid. There are plenty of steroids out there that’s fit for athletes. 

Anadrol is a steroid for bodybuilding because aside bulking your muscles up, it can also give you additional strength so you can increase the weight of the plates you’re using. Or you can use this extra strength for muscle training, the more you train your muscle, the faster you’ll see the results of the steroid.

Soothes Your Joints

Some steroids can affect your joints negatively because it dries your joints up. Anadrol lubricates your joints, soothing it from all the muscle training you have done. Although it is not as popular as Nandrolone when it comes to providing your joints with relief, this steroid can be stacked with other steroids that can dry up your joints.

Boosts Your Appetite

Because you gain so much from using this steroid, you should also replenish the nutrients it has used. I’m saying you need to eat a lot. Think of Oxymetholone as a booster. This booster bulks your muscles up quickly, but in order for your muscles to keep on growing, your body needs to have enough nourishment so it can continue to grow. You will have no problem in eating a lot if you’re on Oxymetholone because the steroid itself will increase your zeal and your appetite to eat. 

Side Effects of Anadrol to Bodybuilders

It is never a secret that the use of steroid may give you unpleasing side effects. Of course, you cannot just keep on gaining something without anything in return. I’m not telling you this to scare you off so you won’t use steroids anymore. This is listed down to make you aware of the possible things you’d have to go through if you’re going to use this steroid. 

Here are some of the Side Effects you’ll get from using Oxymetholone:

  • Liver Problems

This is one of the major problems for people who use oral steroids. Because oral steroids need to pass through your liver, it may become hepatotoxic and may cause troubles in your liver. This is why you should not be in an Anadrol Cycle for too long as it may harm your liver. 

  • Development of Man Boobs

Another problem that most steroid users face is the Gynecomastia or the development of man boobs. This is the result when the testosterone that your body produces is lower than the estrogen in your body. The production of your testosterone is caused by the additional hormones (steroids) you have administered in your body. Most bodybuilders who had Gynecomastia either undergo through surgery or by working their chests out, to make up for he enlarged breasts. 

Other Side Effects Include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Pains
  • Trouble with Urinating
  • Nausea
  • Oily Face
  • Acne

Final Thoughts

Anadrol is a potent steroid that can bulk your muscles up and can give you an incredible amount of lean muscles in such a short amount of time. However, you need to make sure you do not use it for an extended period of time, or it may create complications in your body. 

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