25 mg per tablet, 100 tablets per bottle.

Anadrol is a very strong oral androgenic steroid and is one of the most powerful steroids available in Canada. It acts rapidly and increases in muscle mass exceptionally. For more information on Anadrol please click here.

Why Bodybuilders Use Androl?

Anadrol has been used by bodybuilders and pro athletes and it has proven to offer them great benefits. How does it benefit bodybuildersAnadrol improves protein synthesis which results in considerable gains in muscle mass. The experienced bodybuilders use Anadrol as their first compound for their bulking cycle.

Recommended dosage: 50mg-100mg per day

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Anadrol is an oral and in fact one of the most powerful steroids available. If you are looking for fast gains and muscle increase in a short period of time, Anadrol is the product that would be most suitable for you. The most important effect of Anadrol is a significant increase in recovery time between sets and how fast it enters the system. It is recommended to only use this product for 4-5 weeks as it can be very hard on the liver. You should not mix alcohol and anadrol.

The benefit of Anadrol is that, although side effects can occur during cycle, they will also go away fast as the half life of this steroid is short.


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Recommended dosage: 50mg-100mg per day, though some more seasoned bodybuilders may be okay with up to 200mg per day.

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