Dianabol 25


25 mg per tablet, 100 tablets per bottle.

Dianabol is most commonly used as an off-season bulking steroid. Total dosing will play a role, as will total caloric consumption, but a 20lb gain is very realistic.

Recommended dosage: 20mg-50mg per day

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Dianabol is the most effective product that one can use for bulking. If you want to add pure mass and size, Dbol is the right choice. It can be combined with most steroids and is very fast acting. It should be taken daily and you are guaranteed to see results within the first week of taking this product. You will pack on the weight and major strength increase.

A recommended cycle is 3-5 weeks long and you can expect a gain of 10-20 pounds if used correctly.


Recommended dosage: 20mg-50mg per day


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