Anavar is one of the top growing steroids for women. If you are looking for fat cutting and in a steriods cycle, you must have heard about Anavar.

Though Anavar is an anabolic steroid, it is actively used in sporty for women. Anavar provides small anabolic reactions, so you can expect it to be very soft.

In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about Anavar for women.

So, let’s start with the details.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an illegal drug for women introduced in 1962. In most cases, doctors suggest Anavar enhance muscles. It helps many people to get back from their damaged muscles.

In addition, the Anavar aims to help through different medical conditions for men and women. However, the FDA figured out that it helps heal people.

Therefore, the FDA approved Anavar for medical use. However, people can’t use it for bodybuilding, so gym-goers buy them from the black market.

How to take Anavar?

It depends on women how they want their outcome to get. Usually, the dosage is 5-10mg per day. Sometimes, women choose 20mg to get a better result.

In many cases, the result tends to be masculine for the high dosages. Doctors say intaking excessive Anavar could result in having looks or sound like a man.

So, it is better to limit yourself to a dosage of 5-10mg per day.

The most common way to take Anavar for females is 5mg in week one and 10mg in the next four weeks.

However, you would get the best results if you took it on an empty stomach.

4 Benefits of Anavar

There are many benefits that you would get from Anavar.

Here’s a list of 4 benefits of Anavar:

  1. Build your muscle
  2. Burn your fat
  3. Enhance your strength
  4. Increases your clitoris sensitivity

Let’s dig deep into the benefits.

Build your muscle

Anavar results in many masculine characteristics, so you will get a common benefit of building your muscle.

The muscles will grow bigger in a subtle way, resulting in better muscle tone without sagging them.

Anavar can easily cut steroids, so women should use other steroids if they want to build muscles. However, those steroids can also cause virilization.

As a result, women will have a reduction of weight with bigger muscles.

Burn your fat

There are two ways through which you can burn fat:

  1. Anti-glucocorticoid
  2. Insulin-regulating

In anti-glucocorticoid, the cortisol level is significantly low. One of the catabolic hormones is cortisol which causes fats to settle down.

Therefore, when the cortisol is higher, you would easily turn to be fat. The most common areas where the fat settles are the hips and legs area.

So, taking Anavar would boost up fat burning in your body.

Another catabolic hormone is insulins. Therefore, Anavar controls the body to have excessive fat.

As Anavar can easily burn fat, these have a chance to increase T3 levels. Additionally, T3 has a powerful characteristic to burn more easily.

Therefore, women can reduce around 2-2.5lbs fat per week if they take Anavar.

Enhance your strength

Anavar can easily enhance your strength, though it’s not increasing weight. Therefore, women who lift weight easily get benefits out of it.

Additionally, Anavar increases your testosterone level and intracellular cell volume. However, with taking Anavar, women can get fuller muscles for increased ATP and glycogen storage.

The ATP makes creatine, which avoids bloating—so bloating moves directly to muscles to make them tight and big.

Increase your clitoris sensitivity

Using Anavar can cause increasing your clitoris sensitivity. However, it wouldn’t increase its size.

Therefore, women who are inactive in sex can have a higher sex drive. Thus, Anavar causes more regular orgasms.

3 Side effects from Anavar

Like every product, Anavar also comes with pros and cons. You will get many benefits from Anavar, and the same goes for the side effects.

The top 3 side effects are:

  1. Increase your libido
  2. Increase your cholesterol
  3. Damage your liver.

Let’s look into more about these side effects.

Increase your libido

For Anavar, your libido can increase, causing make you hornier. Therefore, your sexual desire will also increase.

The higher testosterone also causes you to be sexually active. In most cases, you see black women having increased libido than white women with higher testosterone.

As a result, it wouldn’t always be a side effect if you could control your sexual desires.

Increase your cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol in our body- HDL and LDL. So, you can shift your cholesterol level with Anavar.

In some cases, the good one HDL tends to decrease, and LDL tends to increase. However, women have lower cholesterol levels than men because there is a change in natural testosterone production.

But it is very important to keep track of cholesterol levels because it can also increase your blood pressure.

If you already have cholesterol problems, you can always work out to decrease your blood pressure.

Damage your liver

Anavar is a c17 alpha alkylated steroid. Though Anavar is better than other steroids, this can still damage your liver.

The liver is very strong and resilient. However, if you are taking an excessive amount of Anavar, it would damage your liver quickly.

If your liver is getting worse, you need to stop taking Anavar. In due time, your liver will heal easily with healing properties.

On the other hand, if your intake alcohol regularly or have any liver problems, you immediately need to stop taking Anavar.

What Can Be Added to Anavar

Clenbuterol is a very well-known drug with interesting capabilities. However, this has a very good chance of burning fat in less time.

Nevertheless, clenbuterol can make your muscles very tight and strong. Though many say that you don’t need this steroid for a better anabolic process, it will provide the best result for women.

So, you can easily add clenbuterol with Anavar.


Many women desire to gain muscles with a limited dosage. So, you can try Anavar if you have such a desire to increase your muscles.

You should take the help of any diet specialist. They have a good experience so they will guide you with the best results.

However, as Anavar has side effects, it would be best to start with a small dosage and increase if you require more.