Clomid for bodybuilding: Everything You Need to Know

Clomid for bodybuilding


Clomid for bodybuilding – Did you start bodybuilding and thinking about how Clomid can come to help? Then, this article is perfect for you.

As many bodybuilders depend on steroids to cancel out the side effects, people often use Clomid. So, Clomid for bodybuilding is a common drug.

In this article, you will get to know all about Clomid for bodybuilding.

Let’s get started!

What is Clomid?

Being an antiestrogen, Clomid is similar to tamoxifen. In 1970, most people used Clomid to treat women, and now, the use is completely transforming.

People use Clomid to stop having side effects while they are intaking steroids. Additionally, they also increase the production of internal testosterone and sex hormones connected to brain receptors.

Another reason for Clomid to be famous is that people have more muscle mass and strength if appropriately restored.

How to use Clomid for bodybuilding?

Clomid for bodybuilding – When a person is in steroid therapy, they use Clomid to cancel the side effect. But they don’t understand, once the body reaches a strong hormonal imbalance, any other supplement will not work on the body.

While using Clomid, make sure you are not taking steroids. First, you need to complete a steroid course and then move on to Clomid.

Others Applications of Clomid

There are different applications of Clomid. They are working as medicine in infertility, Clomid while or after using steroids.

Let’s look into the details.

Medicine in infertility

Clomid for bodybuilding – Gonadotropins are a type of FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) and L.H. (Luteinizing hormone) to regulate sexual glands functioning. Therefore, Clomid can increase the level of gonadotropins.

The gonadotropins can determine the male and female genitals. In addition, when gonadotropin increases in the body, ovulation happens, and there is a high chance of getting pregnant.

Clomid while using steroids

Clomid for bodybuilding – The anti-estrogenic properties of Clomid are beneficial in bodybuilding medicines. Sometimes, we can convert estrogens from testosterone and steroids.

Sometimes, when there is an increasing amount of estrogen, a female tends to develop gynecomastia and excess fluid retention. Therefore, you should understand that both of these effects are dangerous while bodybuilding. In most cases, the blood pressure and muscle pain can increase for the excessive fluid.

As a result, many professionals use diuretics while the body dries to decrease subcutaneous layers. When a person is on steroids, there is a block of estrogen receptors to stop working. Finally, the body can work against gynecomastia which can decrease the rate of the growing breast.

Some steroid user is very extreme to take them in a regular basis. In most cases, Clomid cannot work the best with the side effects of steroids. It is necessary to take aromatase inhibitors for blending estrogen properly. These are active in fighting against gynecomastia.

When a person is on steroids and Clomid simultaneously, their body is not practical to retain fluids in bodybuilding. They cannot reduce estrogen levels and, as a result, tend to shut down the receptors.

It is essential for water retention in the body for proper nutrition. Sometimes, the excess intake of carbohydrates can contribute to fluid retention. As a result, this also causes Clomid to decrease the rate of effectiveness towards fluid retention.

Clomid after using steroids

Clomid for bodybuilding – Clomid is very effective in PCT, and it’s necessary for a stoppage in steroids intake for more than 8 weeks. There are many benefits of Clomid working after steroids courses.

At first, they can speed up the testosterone production to recover, which halts while ongoing steroids courses. The reduction level decreases on the type of steroids and their doses. Therefore, the effect of testosterone decreases.

The natural combination of testosterone can recover. But once we start, we can’t stop taking steroids. However, it takes a long time to heal properly, mostly months to a year. In the beginning, PCT could increase the speed of restoring testosterone.

One most famous courses in PCT is tamoxifen and Clomid for bodybuilding. Tamoxifen and Clomid go hand-in-hand for the properties of antiestrogen. They can stimulate gonadotropins to increase the level of testosterone production.

There are many cases of low testosterone. It is important to increase the level of catabolic hormones for gaining fat mass. Additionally, it can help to destroy muscle actively.

How does Clomid work?

Clomid was always popular for athletes. They believe it brings positive effects like increasing testosterone level, increasing follicle formation support, and producing better GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone).

Clomid has L.H. and FSH in them, which affects testosterone production. The main ingredient, clomiphene, affects estrogen receptors to control processing their activity.

Some positive effects that you can see are:

  • Maximum reach of FSH and L.H.
  • Rise of testosterone level
  • Proper FSH and L.H. level.

The recovery time varies for every person. It can take from 14 days to 90 days. Not only it improves physical aspects, but it also brings a better overall appearance.

Scheme of Clomid

There are three different dose schemes for Clomid. They are extra-heavy dose, after heavy dose and average dose.

Extra-heavy dose scheme is a scheme of medication of four courses which are:

  • 3 days, you need to take 150mg
  • 12 days, you need to take 100mg
  • 15 days, you need to take 50mg
  • 15 days, you need to take 25mg.

After heavy dose scheme is a scheme of taking Clomid three courses:

  • You need to take 100mg in 15days
  • You need to take 50mg in 15days
  • You need to take 25mg in 15days.

In the average dose scheme, the scheme is divided into two courses:

  • 50mg in 30days
  • 25mg in 15days.

N.B: Dosages are subject to changes. So, consult a doctor before starting your medication.

Effectiveness of Clomid

Clomid for bodybuilding – As mentioned, Clomid is important for developing testosterone levels. If a man, aged 18-55 years, continuously intakes Clomid for two weeks, they will have the level to develop twice times.

However, scientifically, some men see that their testosterone level lowers after 2 weeks to a month of Clomid. These people did not even realize to have any side effects.

On the other hand, scientists believe that testosterone can harm your health if you continuously use it. As there was no side effect, the scientists also added that Clomid could help men in helping with hypogonadism.


If you read the article, by now you know everything that you need. Clomid for bodybuilding is very beneficial, and its effectiveness is showing great results.

However, please take the help of an expert to get the best results of Clomid. They would suggest the best for your health by determining your health reports.

If you want to have good results, it also requires to have patience. Clomid will not bring you results overnight.

So, good luck!