Anavar is a popular steroid in Canada because it can be used by everyone, be it a male or female bodybuilding, and even for the athletes and has been branded as one of the safe steroids that are used by bodybuilders and athletes. So, what makes Anavar popular with these people?  First of all, let us first define what Anavar is. 

What Is Anavar?

Anavar is a steroid known for its ability to burn fats away and retain your lean muscles as it is. 

Most of the steroids were initially used for medical conditions, and this steroid is not excused. Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, it was medically used to stop the muscle loss on the hospital. This is because most of the patients in the hospital often lose muscles during their stay, so to prevent it, Oxandrolone is administered to the patients. 

When bodybuilders heard of what this Anavar can do, they used it to preserve the muscles they have gained. Aside from safeguarding their hard-earned muscles, they also found out that this Oxandrolone could boost their performance. 

Anavar For Women

Anavar is a steroid fit for women. Why? Because Anavar is an excellent steroid for burning fats away. So if you’re a woman who wants to get rid of the excess fats in your body. Aside from that, Oxandrolone does not boost your muscle mass, as it only prevents muscle loss while raising your strength and cutting off your fats. 

Another thing why most female bodybuilders love this particular steroid is its low androgenic rating. The low androgenic rating means lesser risk for Virilization or the development of male Characteristics such as stronger jaw bone, the growth of chest hair, or a deeper voice.

Anavar for Athletes

A lot of athletes use Anavar because it increases their strength and power and while not beefing their muscle up. Oxandrolone also has only 3 weeks maximum detection time. This detection time refers to the timeframe that the steroid can be detected in your system and if 3 weeks is too long for you, then think of other steroids that can run up to 18 months of detection time. 

Benefits of Using Anavar

  • Burns Fats Quickly

Anavar is usually used for the cutting phase of the cycle. The cutting means getting rid of the excess fats in your body, so only the lean muscles remain. This process of removing the body fats is very essential for bodybuilders because this is the time the lean muscles they have worked very hard for will be shown. 

Anavar speeds your body’s metabolism up, and fast metabolism means your calories and fats gets to be burned faster. Aside from ripping your fats, it also preserves the muscles in your body. Which is why when Anavar is in your system, and you work out, not only are you sweating the fats away, you’re also training your muscles to get more shredded.

  • Boosts Your Strength

Among the benefits you’ll get from using Anavar this is the most significant one as it is very helpful to both athletes and bodybuilders. For athletes, improved strength means their stamina is also upgraded. While for bodybuilders, this increase in strength means they can train and work their muscles up longer than the regular ones. They can now lift more massive plates than their usual. 

This is because Oxandrolone increases the number of your red blood cells. These red blood cells carry oxygen to your muscles. With an increased Oxygen in your muscle cells, you are given more strength and endurance for working out and training. 

  • Fast Recovery

Oxandrolone is an Anabolic Steroid which means it will speed the process of protein synthesis in your body. This protein synthesis is the one responsible for healing and recovering the damaged muscle cells while you work out. The healed muscle cells are much thicker and robust than the previous muscles. This is why your muscles get ripped and shredded. 

  • Improved Strength Without the Muscle Mass

There are a lot of steroids out there that can give your strength a boost—but your muscle mass will have to increase. This is not the case for Anavar. Oxandrolone contracts the muscles from your body, and not build it up. This contraction will make your muscles leaner and more robust as you continue to work out.

This ability to contract your muscles is very advantageous to the athletes because, without the increase of muscle mass, it is quite difficult to find out whether or not an athlete has a steroid in their system. The short detection time for Anavar is a bonus that’s all the athletes who use steroids can celebrate. 

Side Effects of Oxandrolone

Although Oxandrolone has its injectable form, it is commonly used as an oral steroid. Although it is named as one of the safe steroids to take just like any other steroid, Anavar has its own set of side effects too. 

  • Hepatotoxic

It is generally known that oral steroids can be hepatotoxic, or is very damaging to the liver. Your liver finds it hard to break Oxandrolone, and because it is difficult to break down, your liver needs to release the right amount of enzymes to break the steroid down—which means your liver will be going overdrive every time you take this steroid.

Although our liver is a strong organ that is able to heal itself if it becomes damaged, consistently taking Oxandrolone can be very overwhelming to your liver—thus resulting in your liver being damaged.

  • Lowers the Production of Testosterone

Most the steroids can lower the production of testosterone in your body down. And in some cases, it completely shuts the testosterone production in your body. This is why after your Cycle with Anavar, you should have a PCT or a Post Cycle Therapy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting out, or a pro at bodybuilding, Anavar is one of those steroids that’s always recommended for beginners. However, you must never forget to have a Post Cycle Therapy after using Anavar as it may harm your body. 

Where do I Buy Anavar in Canada? 

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